Scary Saturday – Seeing Auras

When you look at people what do you see? Do you see things that others can’t? Energy is all around us. Some people are more sensitive to the energies that flow through and around every living thing.
When you tell someone you know how they feel – do you REALLY mean it?
Tonight we will learn the true definition of being empathetic as Lyn tells her story about a chance encounter that changed someone’s life.

Please take a minute to visit Lyn’s website – published poet/author Lyn Crain. I personally, am so happy that I found Lyn’s blog. She is a continued source of inspiration for me.
Thank you Lyn for sharing your paranormal experience.
aura 2
Q: Did you experience this paranormal event or was this an occurrence that someone else experienced?
Lyn: I felt this experience touching another’s hand at work a few years back  I was handing the man a cup of coffee.
Q: What type of paranormal event have you experienced (examples – spirits/ghosts, UFOs, monsters/weird creatures, etc)?
Lyn: I’ve seen auras around people but this was the first time I sensed more than their energy.
Q: Have you experienced this phenomenon multiple times?aura 3
Lyn: Auras yes.
Q: Where did you experience your paranormal event?
Lyn: I was at work in a coffee shop.
 Q: Were you alone or did other people experience it too?
Lyn: No one has ever mentioned this occurring before or after that to me.
Q: Please describe the details of your paranormal experience.
Lyn: As I said above the gentleman involved was making a coffee purchase. He was about sixty years old, dressed in business attire and never very talkative in the morning. Usually, when I hand someone a coffee our fingers do not connect but on this particular morning, they did. I felt a constricting tightness in my chest and saw his aura become black. Black auras are never a good sign. I noticed his skin coloring was grayish. So I asked him if he was alright and he mumbled, “Yes, I’m fine.” I felt strongly the need to persist in my inquiry. I told him that he did not look good and maybe he should see a doctor. He blew me off. He left sputtering to himself. The odd feeling I had remained with me. I told my co-worker I felt something was going to happen to him. She thought I was nuts.
Q: Are there any other details or related information that contributed to this event or that you believe are related to it?
Lyn: I didn’t see the man for several months but when I did he was intent on talking with me alone. He asked my supervisor if he could speak with me for a few minutes alone. The first thing the man did was hug me. Then he revealed that I annoyed the hell out of him that day. However, at work that day he had a heart attack. I asked him if he was alright. He was now after having heart surgery. The reason everything worked out is because he had told his receptionist about this ludicrous woman (me) in the coffee shop commenting on his skin color. The receptionist agreed with my assessment of his skin coloring too. He had blown her off too. But she kept a close eye on him in spite of his dismissing it as nonsense. It was a good thing because he collapsed an hour later. He insisted after that point for me to touch his hand daily.  I never saw black around him nor did I ever get the painful constriction in my own chest as I did that day. His normal aura is green. Green Aura people are highly creative and very hard working. They strive for perfection in everything they do. They have a very determined and down to earth nature and won’t allow fanciful dreams and unrealistic ideas to color their world. Which is why he rejected my questioning.
Normally, I see auras around people about three feet from their physical body. I can’t always say it is a blessing because once people realize you can see their energy you are barraged with questions. I don’t like to be bombarded every time I see someone.
Thankfully, I’ve not had this experience since. I was so relieved to see him and to learn he was okay. We’ve become good friends since that time.
I don’t work at the coffee shop anymore. I’m retired now.

Overly Dramatic SpeckleDo you have a scary story to share?

If you have an unexplained experience, seen something strange or heard some bumps in the night I would love to hear them and share them! Please click on the Scary Saturday Page, copy and paste the Questionnaire, fill out the answers to any questions that apply and email it to me at!


Thanks for reading!

~ Tami

10 thoughts on “Scary Saturday – Seeing Auras

  1. Wow this story gave me goosebumps! Auras are fascinating, I’ve only ever seen someone’s once and that was when I was in touch with my spirituality. I’ve not seen any for a long time nor felt a presence of angels (another story) but wow she saved someone’s life I mean that’s pretty insane!

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    1. It is fascinating! I find stories like this very compelling. I hear things like this and I just want to know why – and I want to learn more! 😀


  2. Interesting. You might find my 3rd novel, just released, interesting as well: Spectrum and Principalities. In any case, I shall follow your posts. God Bless!

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