Scary Saturday – Poltergeist Pranks

Pranks are usually harmless and all in good fun! But the fun stops when the prank is of the paranormal variety!

Tonight we are going back to Yolanda’s house to hear two stories about when her husband experienced some phantom fun that ended up being more mysterious than funny!

I want to thank Yolanda for sharing her paranormal experience with me. Be sure to check out Yolanda’s Yochet blog to see her amazing life size crochet doll among other whimsical and fun projects!

Haunted House – Poltergeist/Ghost

Q: Did you experience this paranormal event or was this an occurrence that someone else experienced?

Yolanda: My husband experienced it but my son and I were involved as well.

Q: What type of paranormal event have you experienced (examples – spirits/ghosts, UFOs, monsters/weird creatures, etc)?

YolandaIt’s still a mystery but I would categorize it as a spirit/ghost event.

Q: Have you experienced this phenomenon multiple times?

Yolanda: Something similar happened again sometime later.

Q: Where did you experience your paranormal event?

Yolanda: This happened in our house.

Q: Were you alone or did other people experience it too? If you were alone, have other people reported the same event in that location or during that time period?keyboard

Yolanda: My husband was in his office when he had the experience and my son and I were in our rooms.

Q: Please describe the details of your paranormal experience.

Yolanda: My husband was working in his home office (upstairs). He stepped out to go do something (maybe go to the bathroom or the kitchen) but when he went back into his office, he came right back out and came straight into my office. He asked if I had gone into his office. I said I hadn’t. He asked if I was sure. Of course I was sure.

Naturally I asked why. He seemed agitated. He said there was a string placed on his wrist pad near his computer that wasn’t there when he stepped out. What??? “You know, one of your yarn things!” he said. I was very confused. “You did it, right?” he asked. I went to his office to look because I had no idea what he was talking about. I saw one of my crochet chains, made from a chunky, rainbow yarn, laid perfectly straight across his wrist pad in front of his keyboard. I told him that yes, that was mine but that last time I looked, that particular chain was downstairs because my students made it and I brought it home. But I did NOT put it in his office.

He seemed relieved that at least it didn’t appear out of nowhere. It had been in the house already. I don’t know why that made him feel better but it did. At this point, I started laughing because it was all so ridiculous. He immediately accused me of doing it as a joke because I was laughing so hard. I kept repeating that I hadn’t done it but he wasn’t convinced, which made me laugh harder. He asked my son if he did it and my son was more confused than I was and said no, he didn’t.

So we were back to me laughing. Now they both thought I did it as a joke. I kept telling them through hiccups of laughter that I didn’t but the fact that they thought I did was even funnier. I stressed that would have been the worst joke ever. Why on earth would I think placing a crochet chain on his wrist pad be funny? It turned out it was very funny but I was innocent! He started to skeptically believe me so he called my daughter, who no longer lives with us but still has a key to the house, if she came over and did this. I couldn’t stop laughing. Like my daughter would come out of nowhere to place a crochet chain that I had downstairs and lay it on his desk like a present and then skip out, all while we were home.

Naturally, she said no, she had done no such thing. He then went around the house looking for an intruder. Nope, there was no intruder. More laughter ensued (I couldn’t help myself!). I said it was our ghost messing with him and playing a joke. He didn’t think THAT was funny at all. My son just thought it was all weird and thought maybe I did do it.

home officeWe came up with theories on what could have happened. Maybe the chain got stuck to my husbands jacket when he brought something up from downstairs and it ‘landed’ on his wrist pad while he was working. The problem with that theory was that the chain was perfectly straight. There’s no way it just fell that way. To this day, I believe he has doubts as to whether I did it but we just chalked it up to a mystery we may never solve.

Q: Are there any other details or related information that contributed to this event or that you believe are related to it?

Yolanda: Something similar happened a few months later. My husband has a favorite water bottle he takes to the gym with him. I don’t usually interact with this bottle because he always has it. One day, it was on the kitchen table so I decided to wash it. The whole time, I was wondering if I should dry it right away and put it back in his office. I ended up leaving it in the drying wrack and I forgot about it. My son puts the dishes away and I’m pretty sure he put it in the cupboard with the other water bottles. I vaguely remember thinking I shouldn’t leave it there but it was just a fleeting thought.

The next day, my husband asked if I had seen his water bottle. He was on his way to the gym. I told him I thought our son put it in the cupboard. He said it wasn’t there. He left and I looked too and it wasn’t there. I thought maybe my son borrowed it. He said he hadn’t because he knew it was dad’s favorite and he has his own. Last he remembered, it was in the cupboard.

My husband was annoyed it was misplaced but said it would turn up eventually. It didn’t, so he went out and bought a new one. About two weeks later, repeat the scenario from above. We were all in the same rooms. Hubby comes to my office again and asks me if I’m messing with him again. I started laughing again which made me look guilty…again. I asked what I did this time.

Apparently, while he was working, he turned around and saw his water bottle on the floor, as if someone rolled it in from the door. He insisted it wasn’t there before because he would have had to step over to get to his desk. And the kicker was that it was wet inside as if it had been used. I know it was dry by the time my son put it away. It didn’t smell dank either. It would have been if it had been wet since I washed it and was somehow lurking in his office all this time.water bottle on floor

Repeat the same laughter and the same accusations about it being me. It wasn’t. This time, through bouts of laughter, I accused him of forgetting he brought it up and left it on the floor all this time. I didn’t really believe this. I find it hard to believe he didn’t see his water bottle in the middle of the floor for weeks. Hey, turn about is fair play!

After we were all convinced we were all innocent, we tried to come up with theories and just concluded we had another unsolvable mystery, but my theory was that the ghost did it. There’s probably a perfectly good explanation and we just don’t know what it is but I’ll stick with my ghost theory.

Overly Dramatic SpeckleDo you have a scary story to share?

If you have an unexplained experience, seen something strange or heard some bumps in the night I would love to hear them and share them! Please click on the Scary Saturday Page, copy and paste the Questionnaire, fill out the answers to any questions that apply and email it to me at!


Thanks for reading!

~ Tami

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    1. I know right! It’s like the spirit really wanted to get both of their attention – by choosing something that was meaningful to her and putting it in a space that he would see it!! 😀

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