Scary Saturday – UFOs

This week I will be sharing an extraterrestrial experience from my friend and fellow blogger Rebecca.

Rebecca has a fantastic blog that includes some lovely crochet and some spicy, sassy, intriguing fictional work! Stop by and check out Miss Rebecca’s Blog!

Q: Did you experience this paranormal event or was this an occurrence that someone else experienced?
Rebecca: I experienced this myself! In the streets.. Alone… Dark… Ha

Q: What type of paranormal event have you experienced (examples – spirits/ghosts, UFOs, monsters/weird creatures, etc)?

Rebecca: UFO and spiritual but UFO is the one I remember in more detail

Q: Have you experienced this phenomenon multiple times?

Rebecca: I’ve only ever seen a UFO once, but sometimes when I look out in the sky I almost feel like they are just lingering somehow. Weird…

Q: Where did you experience your paranormal event?

Rebecca: I experience this walking home from the store, basically in a street.

Q: Were you alone or did other people experience it too? If you were alone, have other people reported the same event in that location or during that time period?

Rebecca: I was on my own, so it was just me that saw it. I have never heard anyone mention the same experience either which makes me feel kind of crazy lol .


Q: Please describe the details of your paranormal experience.

Rebecca: So from how I remember this is I was walking home from the store it’s only a 5 minute walk and I really can’t remember this part whether my friend was meeting me who lived at my mums or I was walking home but to my street so my friend could pick me up. I just remember standing on a corner and waiting, it was night time. Now I know that Chinese lantern were really popular as this was a good few years back now and I will add that I lived not far from the hospital so the helipad was also close by and would always see the helicopters or police ones.

So I was standing, I looked up at the sky as it was a pretty clear night no clouds and the stars looked pretty amazing and I just took it all in because it just looked wow!
I noticed in the distance an orangey type of light rise from what looked like the back of a house or maybe a field in the distance and move straight up – PERFECTLY in a line. Now yeah I thought Chinese lantern but no no no the way it moved was so perfect, it didn’t even sort of go off the track like a lantern would do because of the wind and lanterns tend to have this flicker glow kind of thing.

I watched it because I was interested and at this point trying to figure it out, so I followed it with my eyes and it went straight up into the air it kind of had a quick pace but slowed down it was weird. It literally once in the air continued to go in a perfect straight line, like the glow never changed it was just one colour. Ususally if you see a plane you can see kind of the outline of it if it’s not too high but even if it is high it has more than one light that flickers.

This was a bright ass thing and my heart was in my mouth because my guy was telling me that it wasn’t something basic it was strange it was a freaking UFO – I don’t care what anyone says but when you see something and you know its not what other people might describe and say it is, is frustrating.

Like shit IT was perfectly aligned, no drifting to one side it was STRAIGHT – I followed it with my eyes still and it vanished. Like no clouds hid it or anything it just went poof. As if a light had been turned off? Imagine a strip of orange it was like that. When it went across the sky it didn’t leave any kind of LONG trail it was moving at a good pace.

If it was a lantern, it wouldn’t of just been the one in the sky people let them off in a few numbers. I was so strange… I wish I had some kind of video footage but I never even thought to record it because I was just staring at it. Because once I had the feeling I knew what it was, I was amazed. I had a gut feeling, I tried to tell my mum and I think I even told the world of facebook but nobody believed me.

Q: Are there any other details or related information that contributed to this event or that you believe are related to it?

Rebecca: Yup, the only thing that contributes to this is that something exists. I always feel it when I look out into the sky, I have this odd feeling in my stomach sometimes call me crazy call me whatever.
But i’ve been honest enough to add that the possibilities could of been a lantern or plane but it wasn’t… I can’t think of any event or maybe a test of planes (if that’s what they do) was it. I just can’t explain.

Do you have a scary story to share?

If you have a an unexplained experience, seen something strange or heard some bumps in the night I would love to hear them and share them! Please click on the Scary Saturday Page, copy and paste the Questionnaire, fill out the answers to any questions that apply and email it to me at!

Thanks for reading!

~ Tami

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