Cooking and Baking

One of the threads of the tapestry that is my life is cooking and baking.

I love cooking! I love baking! My style of cooking can best be described as ‘Comfort Food’. We are definitely a meat and potatoes kind of family.

cooking 2

I wouldn’t describe any of my favorite recipes as health food, but I would say that I cook healthy. I use fresh ingredients with the exception of frozen and canned fruits and vegetables when out of season. I certainly don’t butcher my own meat, but I choose my meat purchases carefully.

I am not a trendy cook. I don’t even know how to pronounce quinoa and had to just use Google to be able to spell it.


I am NOT a food photographer so you will never see magazine quality pictures of my food. In fact I probably have to do some creative cropping so that you won’t see the dishes in the sink behind me.

I learned the basics of cooking from my mother. Everything else I’ve learned either came from cookbooks, Julia Child on PBS, Food Network or the internet. I love – that is my go to website when I want to find a recipe.

My mother was Polish and Czechoslovakian and grew up on a farm. There was a lot of Polish food in my childhood home and at family gatherings. Stuffed cabbage – which we always called galumpkis, pierogies, kielbasa and all of those wonderfully aromatic hearty dishes.

One thing that I learned from my mother is cooking in volume. There were 6 people in my family, 4 kids and my parents and we all had good appetites! I tend to make enough food to feed a football team in my house – and it’s most often just me and my husband at the dinner table. Thank goodness for Tupperware, Ziplocs, and my freezer.

cooking 3


I used to have an irrational fear of any baking recipes that involved yeast. I have since overcome my fear of yeast and really enjoy making my own pizza crust, occasional loaves of bread or rolls, and wonderful glorious magnificent cinnamon buns! Yes I LOVE cinnamon buns. The only reason I don’t eat them every single day is because they take a long time to make them correctly.

I only use butter – and I use a lot of butter.

Pie crust and anything that requires egg whites or is meringue related are still troublesome for me. Fortunately I have a single crust recipe that doesn’t require trying to figure out what a pea sized crumble actually is!

I hope you enjoy my recipes!

Thanks for reading!

~ Tami


4 thoughts on “Cooking and Baking

  1. Never tried Polish food! I’m a big lover of Turkish curry and anything with a bit of spice. Though I love a good old cottage pie or cheese and onion pie… basically pie. Can’t wait see recipes especially when you team USA your food is always so much better!

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